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Suzuki GSX R1000R | Top speed 300 km/h

Suzuki GSX R1000R is a super bike powered by 999 cc bs4 engine and can produce 202 ps of power and 117.6 NM of torque. The GSX R1000R is a heavyweight motorbike weighing 203 kg and comes with a 16 liter fuel tank capacity. It has a double disc braking system front and rear and its tire type is tubeless. According to the Up to Speed ​​article, Suzuki’s original GSx R1000R turbocharged liter sports bike segment debuted 23 years ago. This bike from Suzuki is working on the chassis, engine and electronics for the 2017 model. The GSX R1000R is ideal not only for racetrack wins but also for city road chasing. Suzuki GSX R1000R with top speed of 300 km/h.

Features & Specification

Key features

  • This compact Suzuki in 999 cc engine produces a powerful low to mid range with great top end power.
  • Electronics to enhance the GSX -R1000R’s performance include an IMU, adjustable traction control, Suzuki Drive Mode Selector and Motion Track antilock braking system.
  • It allows flatless upshifts and downshifts to provide exceptional comfort on the road.
  • Since it is a racing bike, ABS braking system is not inputted in it, because ABS brake system cannot prevent wheel skidding.


  • GSX R100R is a 999cc liquid cooled engine.
  • Being a racing bike, the engine of this motor bike is designed with high level top end performance and powerful range.
  • Each cylinder uses four titanium valves, two 31.5 mm intake and two 24 mm exhaust valves.

Electrical features

  • The GSXR-1000R uses an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) that provides six-axis speed and position information to instantly adjust the engine and affect performance.
  • Three Mode Suzuki’s Drive Mode Selector System is used to enhance the riding ability.
  • This racing bike uses the Motion Track braking system to bring added control to the antilock braking.
  • The GSX-R1000R features an ECM system for easy startup by riders that starts in just 1.5 seconds with a momentary push.


  • This super motor bike uses LED lights which are light, bright and distinctive, with white backlight for great night visibility.


The Suzuki GSX R1000R is equipped with several advanced features that make this bike a superbike. This super bike of Suzuki has been designed in such a way that this bike provides a smooth and high speed riding experience on the road. The GSX-R1000R comes with a new engine that produces 117.6nm torque and 202 PS of power during revving, surpassing its competition.